During grad school, your personal interests and strengths can serve as a blueprint for what comes after graduation and inform the career choices you will make once you’re on the job market. Your personal interests are also key for keeping a healthy balance between work and your personal life, during your studies. In this episode, we will be talking with Rob Hutcheson, who will share his insights and experience achieving balance during grad school and charting his path in his current non-academic career.

Rob Hutcheson is Senior Manager at Certara Evidence and Access, a leading global consultancy specializing in the demonstration of product value for pharmaceutical clients seeking to optimize market access and reimbursement for their products. Before joining Certara, Rob was Senior Medical Editor at IC Axon, an industry leader in the development of pharmaceutical sales force training programs and materials. Rob also holds a master’s degree in neurobiology from MgGill University, and is a Project Management Professional (PMP)certified project manager.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Doing a master’s versus following through to a PhD
  • Choosing a research subject you love
  • How staying open to new career opportunities that play to your strong suits can propel you to ever more fulfilling positions
  • Training and certifications as ways of helping you boost your CV and appeal to potential employers
  • The importance of going to career fairs and of exploring the job market in your areas of interest
  • How your university’s career center can help you get a head start for your transition process
  • Transferable skills – analytical, organizational, and leadership skills – you will carry on with you from grad school
  • The role of mentors in helping you take career decisions and in learning the skills of a new job
  • Nurturing a good mentor/mentee relationship through an attitude of openness to learning and to improving on yourself

This episode’s pearl of wisdom:

“In the end, it really comes down to what you can convincingly demonstrate you can do to help an organization reach their goals.”

Rob’s links: www.Certara.com

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1 comment on “Rob Hutcheson – Playing to Your Strong Suits

  1. Very interesting interview. There is much to emulate here for university students pondering their careers. Curiosity is the bedrock of success.

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